Booking for : Chalbi Desert Expedition from Ksh 34,000

Chalbi Desert Expedition from Ksh 34,000

East of the remote Lake Turkana is the Chalbi Desert, a 100,000 square kilometer area (38,610 square miles) that is aptly named in the native language of the Gabra people as “salty and bare.” Like many of the areas in the Northern Frontier, the desert was once part of an extensive lake, as evidenced by the basin that fills with shallow water during heavy rains and fossilized remains of snail shells and fish vertebrae. When you journey into the Chalbi Desert, prepare yourself for an eerie landscape edged by rocky lava flows, cracked earth, and a sandy mixture of white salt and clay across which your guide carefully drives through. Even in this barren and desolate location, you may see a shadow emerge in the distance, as ostriches, Grevy’s zebras, oryx, and other adapted animals are often observed in the desert. Amazingly, spotted hyena has been seen too.

The Chalbi Desert, though, does have a secret. On the northern edge is a gorgeous area of oases with groves of palm trees that attract sand grouse and other birds including vulturine guinea fowls. The oases are also used by the Gabra people as water sources for their camels. Another contrasting landscape in the desert are the Huri Hills and Mount Forole to the north, at the Kenya-Ethiopia border, where temperatures are slightly lower and the wilderness is much greener, giving you a private escape from the desert heat while enjoying expansive views of the hottest location in Kenya. The Chalbi Desert is a harsh and very remote environment; therefore, we recommend that AfricanMecca guests tour the desert by helicopter or arrive into at the airstrip at Sibiloi, and then utilize a prearranged safari vehicle available to you from a Lake Turkana accommodation.

Its known for its stunning natural beauty. It has towering sand dunes and volcanic mountains. The Kalacha oasis is an assured watering point – several days’ walk from the closest suitable grazing areas and camels, cattle, donkeys, and goats gather here in mass. With its traditional caravan routes, the region is also home to Kenya’s last nomadic tribes, such as the Turkana, Samburu, Marakwet, Pokot, El Molo, and the Gabbra tribes. The Gabbra people of this area are a hardy race, and adaptation to a nomadic way of life ensures their survival.

1,Nairobi to Marsabit

Depart early from Nairobi on Land Cruiser and drive north past Nanyuki and the beautiful farmlands of Timau to stop for fuel at Isiolo. Drive north and stopover for photos and sightseeing at Mt. Ololokwe before proceeding to Marsabit, a cool mountain town in the North. Drive up to Lake Marsabit in time to see the animals coming out for an evening drink, visit the 3 crater lakes in the park before going to your hotel Sand and Rock Resort for dinner. The sunset from the hills is also worth the drive.

2,Marsabit to Chalbi Desert – Kalacha Oasis - North Horr

After breakfast embark on crossing the great Chalbi desert. The journey leads you to a beautiful oasis at the edge of the Chalbi desert. The vast landscapes and open desert will amaze you. The crossing with skilled drivers on sand is thrilling. The tour will take you through the Maikona and Kalacha oasis, a pleasant surprise in the middle of the very arid countryside. Spend the evening in cottages at the edge of the desert- North Horr. The nights are great for stargazing. It’s the perfect place to find your peace after a long stay in the city.

3,North Horr to Loiyangalani

In the morning embark on the crossing of the Chalbi. The vast landscapes and sand dunes will amaze you. Head out south to Loiyangalani, later in day drive out and visit the famous El molo people living on the shores of the lake and are 100% dependent on the lake for survival. If you are out for some adventure you can visit Elmollo shrine Island by boat. Evening Sundowner on the lake is a lively way to end the day. Overnight at Tilamari village inn Loiyangalani.

4,Loiyangalani to Ngurunit

Spend your morning relaxing at the resort, then later drive North to Ngurunit an oasis surrounded by tens of mountains and ranges popularly known as the Ndoto. On the way you get to pass by the Lake Turkana wind farm, the scenery is surreal. Check in at Golbo a basic guesthouse for lunch and overnight with views of the mountains around. You may visit the natural rock pools and slide in the afternoon after arrival.

5, Ngurunit to Nairobi

In the morning visit the basket project and buy some souvenirs. Take a dive in the rockslides spring once again before heading out back to the city. Stop over at Nanyuki for lunch then proceed with the journey to Nairobi to arrive early in the evening.


34,000 Single

31,500 Per Person Sharing


Package Includes: –

  • Meals on Safari
  • Transport on 4X4 Land Cruiser
  • Lake paradise Tour
  • Desert Safari
  • Professional Tour Guide

Package Excludes:

  • Drinks at designated stops
  • Personal items as listed above
  • Tips for Guides
  • Medical and Insurance expenses
  • Boat rides at Loiyangalani
  • Swimming pool charge
  1. Toiletries (Towel, Soap, Tooth Brush, toothpaste, Tissue)
  2. Proper Comfortable outdoor Shoes
  3. Drinks and Beverages (Snacks e.g. Crisps, biscuits, Sweets, cookies to last the trip)
  4. Mkeka hat or sunscreen
  5. Warm Jacket
  6. Sunglasses, Camera
  7. Day Pack /Small Bag to carry your personal items
  8. An identification card or passport
  9. Tip for crew and guides

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