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Diamonds Delight Birthday Package

Sometimes it is most beautiful where there is nothing. In the endless washboard pattern of the fiery red Kalahari. In the most spectacular gorge in Africa, the Fish River Canyon. Alas, without fish. In Aus, where they still celebrate the birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Also he is no longer there. In Lüderitz and Swakopmund, where German is spoken. Like the day before yesterday. Tempi passati. Only the reign of the thousands of wild animals in Etosha National Park has outlasted everything. And that’s a good thing.

Start and end in Windhoek! With the Explorer tour Diamonds Delight (21 days), you have a 21 days tour package taking you through Windhoek, Namibia and 8 other destinations in Namibia. Diamonds Delight (21 days) includes accommodation in a hotel as well as flights, an expert guide, meals, transport and more.


Day 1,Goodbye!

With a suitcase full of anticipation, it goes by train or plane to Frankfurt Airport and from there to Namibia in the evening.

Day 2,Welcome to Kalahari

Your guide will be happy to meet you after your early morning landing at Windhoek Airport. Through the foothills of the Kalahari, famous for its red sand, you can drive through Dordabis and Uhlenhorst to the property. Generally known as the desert, the Kalahari is now classified as a semi-desert. Large parts of the sandy areas are covered with grass and scattered acacia. Characteristic of the Kalahari are the red longitudinal dunes, which run parallel to the prevailing wind direction and, unlike the dunes of the Namib, no longer migrate. In the afternoon you have time to arrange according to your wishes. Guests can relax in their neighborhood or watch the wildlife at the feeding station.

Day 3,Kalahari to Fish River Canyon

After a leisurely breakfast, head south to Fish River Canyon, which is the second largest canyon in the world. Along the way, stop at the coop tree forest of Garas. This is affectionate, imaginative and equipped with humour. Marvel at the cook trees that owe their name to the San people. The San, the oldest population in southern Africa at the age of 20,000, made hollows for arrows from their wood with great skill. Catering Meals included are breakfast and dinner. accomodation Canyon Lodge Canyon Lodge is just a few miles from the entrance to Fish River National Park. The farmhouse was built in 1910 and converted into a restaurant. Charmingly integrated into the countryside, the natural stone bungalows are covered with straw. They nestle among the mighty granite rocks and give the feeling of living in the middle of nature. The lodge has a curved swimming pool with great views of the surrounding granite rocks. hints The journey is approximately 450 kilometres. The journey time is about 5 ½ hours.

Day 4,Mighty Fish River Canyon

Today you are literally facing the abyss, fortunately before a truly grandiose one. Created by a break in the geological formation and then washed out for millions of years, the Fish River Canyon is one of the natural wonders of Africa. It meanders through the south of the country for about 160 kilometres and with a depth of up to 549 metres. Be sure to walk along the eastern edge of the canyon and gaze out over the eternal expanse. From the main vantage point, look down on Hell's Bend, the most imposing example of the winding canyon race. Many people find it difficult to leave this awe-inspiring place again. Guests can take a 1-hour walk to sunset. Catering Meals included are breakfast and dinner. accomodation Canyon Lodge [Follow ÜN] Canyon Lodge continues to bed in soft cushions. hints The journey is approximately 60 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 1 hour.

Day 5,From Fish River Canyon to restricted area

You are leaving the impressive Fish River Canyon, your destination today is the border to the restricted area. In the afternoon, hike along landscaped trails through a protected farm area, right through the living room of oryx and kuduanlopes. Springbucks and ostriches are also at home here. Catering Meals included are breakfast and dinner. accomodation Klein-Aus Vista — Desert Horse Inn Lodge Klein-Aus Vista is situated in a secluded desert west of the village of Aus, on the border of the restricted area. Your host Piet Swiegers will be waiting for you here. The lodge offers views of a landscape of succulents and endless desert. The 51,000 acres of farm offers Western-style bungalows with the sounding name Desert Horse Inn, next to the main building, which features a lounge, sundeck and wild horse bar. We wish you a good night in the tranquility of the Aus Mountains. hints The journey is approximately 300 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 4 ½ hours. You can't get enough? Our additional recommendation: At sunset, guests can take a tour of Lodge Klein-Aus Vista's protected farm grounds. The minimum number of participants is 3, and the price per person is 450 NA-$.

Day 6,Kolmanskop and Lüderitz

Today you will visit Kolmanskop, a former diamond city. It is not for nothing that this settlement is also called a ghost town, as it is deserted with the exception of its visitors. Here you enter dilapidated, spectacular houses, whose interiors are filled with dune sand to the windows or even to the ceilings. You will also drive to Lüderitz on the Atlantic coast. The city, once the entrance to the colony of German Southwest Africa, experienced a strong upswing due to diamond discoveries from 1908 onwards, and then fell into a standstill. Today Lüderitz is a huge open-air museum of Art Nouveau. A cruise along the coast will also take you past the Diaz Cross, and on the way back, stop by the desert horses of Garub. Your guide will tell you legends about these animals. Catering Meals included are breakfast and dinner. accomodation Klein-Aus Vista — Desert Horse Inn [Follow ÜN] The Desert Horse Inn by Klein-Aus Vista is your accommodation today. hints The journey is approximately 250 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 3 hours. Since a strong cool wind often blows in Lüderitz, we recommend taking a windbreaker with you for today's day trip even in the summer months.

Day 7, From the restricted area to Namib-Naukluft National Park

The granite mountains shimmering in blue on the horizon, through the former NamiBrand shallow sea, are now the closest property. The landscape changes from large rock rocks to an endless desert landscape. Namib is considered to be the oldest desert in the World. The name Namib comes from the Nama language and means “Empty Square” or “place where there is nothing”. In the late afternoon, take a tour guide to a special spot where you can enjoy the sunset in the silence of the desert. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included in the rate. accomodation Desert Hills Lodge Desert Hills Lodge is located in the foothills of the Naukluft, 30 km southeast of Sesriem. The height of the log creates a magnificent view over the endless vastness of the Namib. The weaver's nest has inspired the owners to create a unique, innovative architectural style. The round bungalows are clad with straw outside and inside and are therefore optimally tempered for the desert climate. Elegant décor and large panoramic windows complete the feel-good atmosphere of this exceptional lodge. The thatched main building features a restaurant and lounge. You will not only be pampered with a small swimming pool, but also with the silence of the Namib Desert. hints The journey is approximately 350 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 5 hours.

Day 8,The dunes at Sossuvlei

It's still dark when you set off to the gigantic dunes on Sossusvlei, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the way to the Vlei, enjoy the morning atmosphere in this colourful dune valley. The last five kilometers to the Vlei is a 4x4 shuttle, as normal vehicles are unable to compete with the sand masses. You will walk through the enchanting dunes and try to climb one of the sand mountains, which is up to 350 metres high. As soon as you walk through the dead Vlei with its 500-year-old dead acacia, you know it rightly bears his name. Before leaving the park, explore Sesriem Canyon on foot. If you miss the sea of sand at your property in the late afternoon, take a look in your pocket or look in your shoes, where you will surely find some reddish grains. Catering The included meals are a breakfast package and dinner. accomodation Desert Hills Lodge [Follow ÜN] The Desert Hills Lodge is still your accommodation today. hints The journey is approximately 215 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 4 hours.

Day 9,From the desert via Walvis Bay to Swakopmund

In Walvis Bay, visit the Kids Haven orphanage, which means “safe place for children”. About 35 bright children live here, who are looked after by a team of educators around the clock and find the attention and protection from the everyday dangers they would otherwise be exposed to in the port city of Walvis Bay. The little ones are provided with three meals a day and receive support in learning. After this moving encounter, you will wander over the lagoon and the largest port in Namibia. Now it's not far to the coastal town of Swakopmund. What a picture — the sea on the left, the dunes on the right. Catering Breakfast is included in the rate. accomodation Hotel-Pension à la Mer Hotel-Pension à la Mer is quietly located in the heart of Swakopmund. Just a stone's throw from the sea and the city centre, you can easily walk to Jetty and Hohenzollernhaus. You can hear the waves rushing outside the door. The hotel is set in a pretty building from the city's founding years. Decorated with lots of wood, each room has floor-to-ceiling windows and heated floors, as well as a balcony. hints The journey is approximately 360 kilometres. The journey time is about 5 ½ hours.

Day 10,Swakopmund for you!

Swakopmund is yours! Spend the day according to your mood. Guests can stroll through the coastal town with its cafes or browse for a small souvenir at the woodcarving market. Walk over the old jetty jetty, a landmark of the city, and venture out to sea. At the latest on a walk by the sea, a seaside feeling comes up. Catering Breakfast is included. In the evening, we recommend stopover a seafood restaurant by the sea (not included in the price). accomodation Hotel-Pension à la Mer [Follow ÜN] The Hotel-Pension à la Mer is still your accommodation today. hints You can't get enough? Our additional recommendations: Guests can take a catamaran ride in Walvis Bay to a large seal colony at Pelican Point. You can see dolphins, seals and various seabirds up close. A snack (fresh Atlantic oysters and appetizers) and South African sparkling wine are served. The journey takes about 3 ½ hours (starting around 08:30am, end approx. 12:30pm). The price is N$950 per person. Transfer from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay and back costs $200 to $220 per person. Or join the Living Desert Tour in Dorob National Park. The thrilling tour through the dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay is under the motto” life cycle of the Namib desert”. An adventurous journey across the dunes is the end. The tour takes about 5 hours (starting around 08:00 and ends around 13:00). The minimum number of participants is 2, and the price per person is 800 NA-$ (valid until 31/10/2021). Cash payment: This activity can only be paid in cash on site. Or take a scenic flight over the desert and to the shipwrecks of Conception Bay. The flight with a Cessna 210 takes approximately 2 hours. The minimum number of participants is 4, the price per person depending on the provider starts from $6,250 (including airport tax). Or join the township cultural tour in the afternoon. Join your English-speaking guide to explore the township in Swakopmund. How do the residents live here? Where do they buy? Immerse yourself in everyday life and learn new things about the Damara and Herero. Along the way, guests can visit a kindergarten, browse markets and sample local delicacies at a restaurant. The tour takes about 3 hours (starting around 15:00, end approx. 18:00). The minimum number of participants is 2, and the price per person is 550 NA-$.

Day 11,Into the Fransfontein Mountains

After a hearty breakfast, leave the sea and head inland, where the landscape becomes greener and rocky again. At the Ugab Rivier, take a flying visit to the sewing Herero women. From the bridge you have a good view of the Brandberg, which is called by the Herero Omukuruwaro, Mount of the Gods. The accommodation will provide you with a place of peace and relaxation. In the afternoon, get on the open SUVs. Your private game viewing trip of approximately three hours ends at a special vantage point from which you can enjoy great mountain views. A mostly beautiful sunset included. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included. accomodation Guest farm Gelukspoort The Gelukspoort guest farm is hidden in a small valley in the Fransfontein Mountains. The farm building, which is over 100 years old, has been renovated, rebuilt and expanded to include new luxurious bungalows with beautiful views of the Namibian Mountains. For refreshment, there is a swimming pool in the garden. High seats for game viewing are waiting for enterprising. Experience Namibian hospitality in the best sense of the word at Gelukspoort. The positive attitude to life of the hosts Crissi and Frank Glöditzsch is quickly transferred to the guests. You will experience it. hints The journey is approximately 400 kilometres. The journey time is about 5 ½ hours.

Day 12,Let's go to the Etosha!

In the morning, walk through the Fransfontein Mountains for about two hours. Focus on the landscape, which is interspersed with mopane trees and a huge variety of rare deciduous trees, shrubs and grasses. After that, it's goodbye to Fransfontein Mountains and welcome Etosha. Guests can relax at the property before an animal kingdom day is waiting for them the next morning. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included. accomodation Etosha Safari Etosha Safari Camp is located right next to Etosha National Park, just 10 kilometres from Andersson Gate. Set amidst countless mop trees, the ocher, spacious bungalows each have a private veranda. They nestle on a slope in this typical Namibian bush savannah. The elevated deck features not only the pool, but also great views over the Mopan Forest. The township-style restaurant, the typical shebe bar and the guitar playing” Etosha Safari Boys” ensure quaint” African “evenings. The kitchen is wonderful to be creative with local ingredients. hints The journey is approximately 150 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 2 hours.

Day 13,Animal Rich Etosha National Park

Camera packed and recharged batteries? Let's start for a full-day drive through the animal reach Etosha National Park. Your guide knows the back of his hand and controls water points with mysterious sounding names such as Gemsbokvlakte and Olifantsbad, which are popular with antelopes and elephants and promise the best photography possibilities. A special feature of the Etosha are the different types of antelope, including the Eland, the largest antelope, and the Damara dikdik, the smallest. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included. accomodation Etosha Safari Camp [Follow ÜN] Etosha Safari Camp is still your accommodation today. hints In consideration of the environment, we turn off the air conditioning in the tourism/safari bus during the animal observations in Etosha National Park. You can't get enough? Our additional recommendations: Guests can enjoy a morning guided open-vehicle safari in Etosha National Park, organised by Etosha Safari Camp. The safari usually takes place from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., after which you will be taken to the motorizary/safari included in your journey. The price per person is N$956 (valid until 31/10/2021). Guests can also take a full-day guided open-vehicle safari in Etosha National Park, also organised by Etosha Safari Camp. The full-day safari is an alternative to the travel/safari safari included in your trip. The price per person is 1,270 NA-$ (valid until 31/10/2021). Depending on the number of guests, you can travel in a safari vehicle that can accommodate 9 or 24 guests. Safaris may also take part in other international guests.

Day 14,Etosha Park

Shortly after sunrise, you'll go on a game again. Especially in the morning, before the midday heat makes all animals sluggish, there are great chances of unique and diverse sensory impressions. Even today, most of the time, you'll be near waterholes with the best photography options, such as Nebrownii and Okondeka. They observe elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, antelopes and maybe even lions, cheetahs or leopards quenching their thirst here. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included. accomodation Etosha Safari Camp [Follow ÜN] Etosha Safari Camp is still your accommodation today.

Day 15,From Etosha Park to Otavi Mountains

Because it was so beautiful, it's going to the Etosha National Park again. Near water points, you'll find thirsty elephants, antelopes and other park dwellers, and those who would like to take a bath. In the eastern part of the park you can often see the small Damara dikdiks. They are mostly under the bushes, just a few meters from the path. In the afternoon you will leave the park and drive into the Otavi Mountains. The landscape is changing; multifaceted mountain formations are now your companions. Catering Meals included are breakfast and dinner. accomodation Gabus Game Ranch The Gabus Game Ranch is an oasis of well-being. It is located 10 kilometers northwest of Otavi. Your hosts Heidi and Heinz Kühl will spoil you with very good farm cuisine and know how much to tell you about the everyday life of a Namibian farm. Each spacious, modern room overlooks the nearby waterfront. There are particularly good opportunities for game viewing here. Guests wishing to cool off will find the swimming pool in the lodge's garden. hints The journey is approximately 160 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 2 ½ hours plus time for wildlife viewing in Etosha National Park.

Day 16,Otavi Mountains

In the morning, guests can visit Thonningii Winery, beautifully situated on a mountainside in the Otavi Valley. Stroll through the vines and learn about the challenges of viticulture in dry Namibia. During the winery tour that follows, you will learn everything about winemaking: from the ripening process of grapes to fermentation and ready-to-sell wine. But a visit to a winery without having tasted the wine would not be complete. So you will be served a wine tasting at the end. Back at the property, guests can relax a bit before heading to an open to one and a two-hour safari in the farm grounds in the afternoon. With a little luck, you will show giraffes and various antelopes such as Kudu, Eland, Impala and Whitetail gnu. Catering Breakfast, lunch, dinner and wine tasting are included. For lunch, Thonningii Winery serves a sumptuous cold platter, including homemade sausages, smoked ham and spinach tartlets. accomodation Gabus Game Ranch [Follow ÜN] The Gabus Game Ranch is still your accommodation today. hints The journey is approximately 50 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 1 hour.

Day 17,From Otavi Mountains to Ouhave

Passing the typical termite hill of the area, head towards the state capital Windhoek and you will reach your neighbourhood. Before the sun sinks behind the hills, walk with your guide across the sprawling farm grounds with its many acacias. Catering Breakfast and dinner are included. accomodation Ouhave Country Home Ouhave Country Home is located northeast of Windhoek and is lovingly managed by the owners Bianca and Hans Sohrada. Hans took over the family farm from his parents, and her two children also live there. It is a typical farm with cattle breeding (Nguni cattle), goats, some agriculture (pecan trees) and coal mining. The seven bungalows are decorated in a farm-style with African influence and are decorated with nguni skins. The small porch overlooks the farm. There is a restaurant and bar in the main red-brick building, and guests can take a break in the beautiful garden with green lawn or by the swimming pool. If you are one of those who have always wanted to sleep under the African starry sky, this is the opportunity. Pick up your mattress and bed on the roof of your bungalow. We wish you beautiful dreams and an unforgettable night! hints The journey is approximately 270 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 3 hours.

Day 18,Discoveries on Ouhave

During an approximately 1½-hour tour of the farm grounds, you will learn a lot about Namibian farm life and also the cultivation of vegetables, which is used for personal use and, of course, is used in the delicious, typical farm cuisine. In addition, alfalfa is cultivated, because the farm animals are also supposed to have enough to eat. Then it goes to the Nguni cattle, which are unmistakable due to the diverse colors and patterns of their coat. Did you know that these animals are mainly known in Namibia for their resistance? Hans Sohrada tells stories from his daily life and likes to share his knowledge of everyday life on a farm. Catering Meals included are breakfast, lunch and dinner. accomodation Ouhave Country Home [Follow ÜN] Ouhave Country Home is still your accommodation today.

Day 19,Windhoek and farewell to Namibia

Enjoy the African expanse for the last time in the morning before heading to the Namibian capital Windhoek. Here call Christuskirche, Tintenpalast and historic railway station. Gain impressions of the city during a short tour of Windhoek's city centre. In the township Katutura, visit the women's initiative Penduka, where you can learn what moves the women here. Watch and marvel at how tablecloths and bedspreads are created. Experience African bustness again at the colourful Namibia Craft Centre. In the early evening, your tour guide will take you to Windhoek Airport. Sometimes a baboon on the side of the road greets you. In the evening, your plane will take you back home. Catering Breakfast is included. hints The journey is approximately 300 kilometres. The journey time is approximately 4 hours.

Day 20,Welcome home!

After landing in the morning, you will travel to your hometown. Review the journey at home in peace. You will long feed on the countless experiences.


Rates Include:

  • Accommodation

    • 18 nights in lodges, on guest farms and in a guest house


      – Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

      – Canyon Lodge

      – Canyon Lodge [Consequence Overnight]

      – Klein-Aus Vista – Desert Horse Inn

      – Klein-Aus Vista – Desert Horse Inn [Follow-up ON]

      – Desert Hills Lodge

      – Desert Hills Lodge [Follow-up ON]

      – Hotel-Pension à la Mer

      – Hotel-Pension à la Mer [Followed by Overnight]

      – Guest Farm Gelukspoort

      – Etosha Village

      – Etosha Village [Follow-up Overnight]

      – Etosha Village [sequence Overnight]

      – Gabus Game Ranch

      – Gabus Game Ranch [sequence Overnight]

      – Ouhave Country Home

      – Onjala Lodge Lodge Room

      – Onjala Lodge lodge room [episode Overnight]

  • Flights

    Scheduled flight with Eurowings Discover to Windhoek and back

    Price including scheduled flight from/to Frankfurt

  • Guide

    Guaranteed execution of all dates

    German-speaking local tour guide

  • Meals

    Daily breakfast, 3 x lunch, 16 x dinner, 1 wine tasting
  • Additional Services

    Connoisseur trip with a maximum of 12 guests

    Touring minibus / safari bus with air-conditioning

    3 safaris in Etosha-NP, 3 safaris in open jeeps: in the game park of the guest farm Gelukspoort, on the grounds of Gabus Game Ranch and in the game park of Onjala Lodge, 1 safari on foot in the game park of Onjala Lodge

    Visit to the Kids Haven orphanage

    Audience with the women of Penduka

    Visit to Onjala Observatory

    National park fees and entrance fees

    Soul-Love-Heart Package

    100 m² rainforest in your name

  • Transport
    Rail & Fly in the 1st class of the Deutsche Bahn to the airport and back

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